SAPTA Qleen Dishwashing Liquid & Cleansing Products


Brand name is *SAPTA QLEEN*
But business name is ZEEPHAT TRADING.

Dishwashing liquid, floor disinfection liquid, Bleach etc

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*Dishwashing Liquid*
SAPTA Qleen Dishwashing liquid gives you the desired lathering effect with just a little amount and cleans the most stubborn stain/dirt/grease immediately!
Available in 5lts at wholesale and retail Prices

Hand Sanitizer from SAPTA Qleen kills bacteria with just a squirt! It is enriched with Vitamin E and Rosewater which keeps your palms moisturized and clean! Available in wholesale and retail prices in 500ml and 90ml

SAPTA Qleen Bleach! 3X Cleaning formula! This Bleach eliminates odours as it removes stains from your clothes, bathroom and any stained surface. It also deodorizes! Available in 5lts and 1lt at wholesale and retail prices

Disinfecting Floor Cleaner
Cleans the most stubborn of stains on your kitchen, bathrooms, toilets and factory floors leaving the area with a refreshing smell!
Available in 5lts and 1lt

Regular Floor Cleaner
Cleans the floors of your rooms effortlessly whiles restoring shine and keeping the areas with a refreshing fragrance
Available in 5lts and 1lt

SAPTA Qleen Handwashing Liquid has a unique cleaning formula which keeps your hands spotless after washing while leaving it with a wonderful fragrance


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Shipping from : Ghana

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Ships From: Ghana

Sold By Timus AfricaMart Master Shop
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